We don't believe in shortcuts - we grow the way nature intended. We use premium genetics, and our plants bask in the sun, drink pure rainwater, and are harvested and cured by hand. Our focus is on quality, and we only offer the kind of cannabis that we would smoke ourselves. Smooth, flavorful, and potent. We know you have choices, and we're here to earn your trust. Our commitment to growing the highest quality cannabis and getting it to you not at a stupid price is unwavering. Don’t take these words as gospel though. Experience it for yourself. MAY OUR BUD PREACH MORE LOUDLY THAN OUR LIPS.


Our flower is grown in a hybrid greenhouse under natural and sustainable sunlight. We know that sunlight makes our plants thrive, and they give back with potent buds bursting with an array of terpenes. Our flavour profiles are off the charts, making every hit a journey of taste and sensation. No need to settle for boring and mundane – you can taste the sun-grown difference.


We don't mess around when it comes to drying our flower. It's a critical step that can make or break the final product. That's why we hang dry - no shortcuts or compromises. This patient and careful process keeps the potency and flavour intact, giving you the ultimate smoking experience. As the plant dries, we say goodbye to unwanted compounds like chlorophyll, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable hit every time. We do things our way - slow, steady, and always delicious.


Who needs city water when you've got Mother Nature? Municipal water is tainted with chemicals that don't belong anywhere near our plants. That's why we built our greenhouse roof to collect rainwater - a natural source that challenges our plants to be their best selves. We don’t like the status quo, and neither do plants. Ununiform rainwater provokes them to produce higher potency, more varied terpenes for flavour that'll blow your mind.


Why settle for mediocre when you can have better? We harvest by hand. It's a painstaking process that shows our commitment to quality. We handle each plant with care, protecting every precious trichome along the way. Trichomes are the source of our weed's power and flavour, and we're not about to let anything get in the way of that. We're not afraid to get our hands dirty in the name of a great experience for you.