You know who you are

You smoked most of your life, well before it was legal. You wore the smell of cannabis to family dinners. You had the radical notion that you should have the freedom to enjoy cannabis on your own terms. With legal weed you’ve been saying ‘cut the crap and show me the goods’. You don’t settle for the status quo. First, you demand more. Second, you go out and get it.

3 Saints Cannabis Greentone

Your Choice.

We celebrate your freedom of choice. To use cannabis for your own reasons. To choose what best suits you. To buy other brands, from your dealer, to grow your own. The freedom to be skeptical, and to make us earn your trust.

3 Saints Cannabis Greentone

Earn it. Every day.

That’s our mantra. We have the grit and determination to deliver for you. We are here to disrupt the status quo, to destroy what is not working by exerting mastery to find a better way, to prove people wrong and to earn it every day.

3 Saints Cannabis Greentone Canada

Potency without sacrificing taste.

You want high THC - but at the same time you want something that tastes great and is smooth. Our flower is always 20% THC OR HIGHER (our pre-rolls always 17% or higher). Our terpenes, on average, are higher. Sun growing helps to achieve the higher terps. We hand harvest, hang dry and expertly cure all our buds, protecting the hard won trichomes and bringing out a superior cannabinoid profile.

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